IPL 2016 Prize Money (Winners to get $3 million)

Indian Premier League season on the lookout for will be getting underway in April following the T20 world cup in India. The participant draft and auction has taken place and 8 teams have their 2016 squads prepared. IPL is a “sports brand” which is about the up considering how far the domestic indian native T20 league has come in less than ten years. Financially it is the most lucrative T20 league worldwide by far for both players and the collaborating teams.

IPL has a revenue sharing style pretty much similar to England’s Premier League rugby where most of the money comes from TV proper rights deal which is shared equally between the club sets while the central pool which include revenue right from IPL title sponsors and other partner firms is also shared equally between all the groups.

Although small potion from TV the law deal money and small percentage coming from central pool makes up the yearly award money fund. Which is distributed according to the teams finish. We take a look at Indian Top League prize money distribution system and also the much is on offer for 2016 champions.
IPL 2016 Prize Money:

The total prize dollars pool for 2016 IPL season is about to be around $7 million (₹47 crore). The winners of 2016 IPL will get all-around $3 million (₹20 crore) while the sacrificing finalists will take home as much as $1. some million (₹11 crore). Other two leagues in play-off will get ₹7. 5 crore each.

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